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Quick Clean

This while you wait maintenance clean is designed for cars that need a quick go.

It's the job you have before you pick up that business colleague from the airport, or take someone special out for dinner! Or just to keep your car on track generally.

  • Exterior wash, chamois dry & tyre sheen
  • Quick Floor Vacuum
  • Dash Wipe
  • Inside Windows

The outside wash is thorough. We wash the duco, including in and around the wheels and wheel arches. chamois it dry and put tyre sheen on the tyres.

This job takes approximately 45 minutes.

Settle into our customer lounge or go for a walk into town to do a bit of shopping. Free Wifi is available.  Catch up on some bookwork while you're here.

Our Italian Isomac coffee machine provides you with a restaurant quality cappuccino to enjoy. The coffee is complimentary!

The cost for a sedan is $50 or $70 for a 4WD vehicle.