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Interior Shampoo

The interior shampoo is just that! We steam clean the seats, floors, cloth on the door panels and the boot mat or cargo area.

We use a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine which has powerful extraction. The seats and floors are pre-sprayed with a gentle cleaning solution and then the machine shoots jets of water into the upholstery and carpet and sucks it out again, taking with it dust, dirt and stains.

This process will leave your car interior looking clean and smelling fresh.

This is also the system used to extract spills from your car. The most common one we deal with is coffee spills!

Sometimes in the case of a spill or accident, we need to do some more intense work. Phone us for specialised advice if you have a sticky problem.

The interior shampoo takes up to 4-5 hours. During that time we steam clean the interior and then put air movers into your car to get the drying well on the way.

If it’s not quite dry, you’ll get a seat cover to get you home!

Prices are as follows:

  • Sedan - from $140
  • Wagon - from $150
  • 4WD/SUV - from $160